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Tolimana started in 2003 with the opening of a professional recording studio in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The idea of its founders, Hermann Huber, August Schmidhofer (both Austrian), Jean-Claude Poujois (from La Réunion) and Charles Maurin Poty (from Madagascar), was to promote good Malagasy music. Musicians and groups, especially those exploring the originality and diversity of the island's music, were invited for recording.
Furthermore, the aim was to have an impact beyond national borders and to contribute to make the music of the Great Island known to the world. Western standards of production were one important requirement.

In July 2004 the company
Tolimana Sarl and the studio in Antananarivo, Madagascar was taken over by Mr. Charles Maurin Poty as only responsible, continuing the production of Albums of Malagasy Music.

Another facet was the production of CDs responding to international quality standards and the distribution outside Madagascar. For this purpose, a partner company was founded in Vienna (Austria) - the
Tolimana KEG.
In addition to its effords for good Malagasy music, Tolimana KEG has recently started to widen its horizon towards the music of other countries and cultures. Please visit our website to order your TOLIMANA music!